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Get Tire Software

Get Tire Software

We create custom tire shop software for your needs. Of course there are a significant number of reusable parts that only work in your favor. How? Well it decreases your cost significantly since a significant amount of data is already there. You can expect the final cost of your application to be 50% to 75% lower than going with a different software development company.

What are some of the features that come with your tire software?

Regardless if the application is web-based or not, the software has access to most of the currently running vehicles and the wheel and tire specs associated with each vehicle. When you look up a specific vehicle for your customer you’ll be automatically presented with the vehicles stock tire sizes. Several optional sizes will be displayed that you can present to your customer when selling a wheel and tire package. Our database is constantly being updated with new options that work for different vehicles. If certain modifications are required, you’ll see those too. For example, lets say your customer is trying to fit 18×11’s with a zero offset onto a lowered 1990 240SX, it’s nice to have information present that states what additional modifications he’ll need in order to have a proper fitment.

Your software will come pre-loaded with thousands of part numbers and images that you can choose to sell. We strive to add new wheel and tire vendors constantly. If you have a wheel vendor that you want us to contact on your behalf, we’ll make the attempt and load the database at no additional cost to you. Aside from adding new wheel and tire vendors, we keep a close relationship with the existing ones, updating their current lineup and marking the necessary changes when new items are added or existing part numbers are discontinued.

E-Commerce Solutions

If you’re planning on selling online, you’ll have the ultimate control on which parts you want to display to your customers and which wheels or tires you want to hide from your line up. The tire software’s online application comes with an administrative panel so that you can process orders wherever you are and from any device.

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