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How To Build a Brand on Instagram?

Most businesses think about social media the wrong way. Social Media is a place where people go to relax, catch up with friends and sometimes even to look for drama. The last thing that most users want to see is someone promoting their product forcefully. Online strategies have shifted from in-your-face ads to more integrated advertisement where the user, ideally, can’t tell if the content that they’re looking at is an ad or not. Why? People react better to content that looks less like spam and more like something their friends would share. Although there are different strategies for each social media network, in this article we’ll focus on helping you get started with building your brand on Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram has become a platform where people go and share the content that they see around them. Instagram has made this effortless with their minimalist design and an effortless way of adding a new photo or video clip. After a couple of clicks, the person can enter a brief description and a couple of hashtags (if they want that content to be easily searchable). When another user (and by the way, we hate that term) searches for the particular hashtag, content that’s most engaging will appear in the first three rows under “top posts.” Next is content that’s most recent, which means that for a brief period of time your post can appear at the top of the list.

How do you start promoting your brand on Instagram?

This is the trickiest part of any promotion platform, especially Instagram. Lets get a major never-to-do out of the way. Never, and we mean never, buy fake Instagram followers. You’re just setting yourself up to get banned. It’s better to start off with no followers than to have a thousand non-active followers. So where do you begin? You begin with a reality check. Is your brand a name that’s so popular that people are searching for it by name? If so, you’ll need a different marketing strategy. If not, start by researching hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Type in a few search terms into Instagram and see what populates. If the keyword is overly competitive (i.e. 350,000,000 results), your posts are going to appear at the top of the search for only a few seconds before they disappear. You’ll need to find keywords that are searched for, but not extremely competitive.

Next, understand that people hate branding. The more you brand your product, the less likely it’ll be liked and shared, especially if your logo takes up more than a tenth of your picture size. Our recommendation is to remove branding completely. If people are interested in your post, they’ll click on your name and see your business information in your “About” section. Again, we can’t stress this enough, put yourself in the other person’s position; do you enjoy seeing ads from everyone? Some companies are extremely excited about their product and they force their excitement at others. This doesn’t work. Take it easy: it’ll get there.

Once you understand the above concepts, it’s time to start creating some amazing images. Make sure that you also choose a theme for your Instagram account. For example, place a certain overlay over all of your images to have consistency. Again, do not brand your images.

After you’ve added the image, it’s time to add the description. The less of a sales pitch, the better. Make the description short. Pick your top 3 to 5 hashtags that you researched and add them below.

That’s it, post it on Instagram.

How do you get more Instagram engagement?

Regularly posting on Instagram is the first step, but there’s a lot more that you need to do. After you’ve started gaining a following, start setting up some contests to increase engagement and brand-mentions. You’ll also want to look at your business model. Are you taking the shotgun approach and targeting everyone, or is your brand going after a very specific customer? Even if you’re not currently, you need to find your target user. Start off by searching for your brand-related hashtags and start engaging with the users. And no, we’re not saying for you to start forcing sales-pitches upon them. What we are saying is for you to follow them, like their posts, and even comment from time to time. You don’t want to like and comment on everything since it will look like a sneaky sales-pitch and most people can see through your intentions incredibly quickly.

That’s it to get you started. After, there are paid options to approach through Instagram. Your Instagram marketing strategy will most likely not generate you sales directly. It should be part of your overall marketing strategy, and that strategy is what generates sales.

How to build a brand on instagram

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